SolarVille: A miniature wooden city with technology to democratise access to renewable energy

In order to fight against climate change, cities of the future should have buildings and homes with renewable energy as a predominant solution. However, although technology has changed a lot in the last decades and its prices are decreasing, there is still a lot to be researched regarding their rollout and daily use. Will every […]

Alvaro Gonzalez

Your next office will be an app, here’s why

By Julien Palier   In a visionary article published in The Wall Street Journal on August 20, 2011, Marc Andreessen was stating that “Software [was] Eating the World” (read it here: “in many industries, new software ideas will result in the rise of new Silicon Valley-style start-ups that invade existing industries with impunity.” It’s […]

Alvaro Gonzalez

Proptech: Chatbots used as a support tool for selling and renting properties

One of the most subtle ways artificial intelligence is being used in our daily lives is through chatbots. Chatbots are intelligent software agents that interact with people using natural language in order to meet certain targets. They can be a useful tool as technical support for an electronic device, when searching for a piece of […]

Alvaro Gonzalez

A new simplified method for estimating solar energy potential in urban environments

In an article published in the scientific journal Nature, researchers from the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands describe a newly developed method to easily calculate the solar energy that a building can receive in an urban environment. This new technique is interesting for both architects and engineers, and in the fields of urban […]

Alvaro Gonzalez

Objects connected to Bluetooth mesh networks in homes and all kinds of buildings

More and more objects are connected to our surroundings. The electronics of these objects often provide many possibilities, but they are especially powerful when they are interconnected with each other inside homes, offices and others communal areas. This can be done in several ways, some of which especially enable their integration in an easy, yet […]

Alvaro Gonzalez

Moving away from the Hype: The story behind our decision to forget about tokenization and focus on core value

By Miguel Linera Alperi   From an extraordinarily disruptive new technology thousands of companies and startups emerge promising to change forever your life and the world as we know it. Does this sound familiar to you? I guess yes. And no, we are not talking about the Dot Com Bubble, we are talking about the […]

Alvaro Gonzalez
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