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Solutions for post Covid-19 offices

Since the beginning of lock-down policies, many professionals and companies have been facing new challenges through remote working. Now that we are barely starting to adjust to this new reality, we have to prepare for our way back to the office, as lock-down restrictions are gradually being lifted.   This new reality will be challenging, […]

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How can big corporates and startups work together

New Open Innovation models are the latest trend among future-oriented companies, who are driven by technology and are seeking new disruptive business models applicable to today’s market.   Creating a successful partnership between big business and startups   Heptasense, the winner of the Impact Startup category at the 3rd edition of CBRE’s PropTech Challenge, has […]

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The transformation from product, to house, to home

The coronavirus pandemic has allowed us to conduct the largest housing experiment in history. We’ve spent days, weeks and months confined to our apartments, our houses and our homes. Suddenly, these spaces are no longer simply the place where we unwind after a long day in the office and where we spend our time when […]

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The future of mobility: sharing data among operators and creating a single payment method with passes

  Mobility is one of the main driving forces of the economy, with new technology revolutionising the way people move around cities. “As mobility changes, we must also adapt by altering the way we imagine our buildings, streets and cities. In short, mobility is having a direct impact on Real Estate”, says Rubén Galcerán, Director […]

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CBRE PropTech is looking for startups that meet some of the relevant topics for the Real Estate industry in the current situation and post Covid-19

Real Estate is now having to face the impact that the Covid-19 outbreak has had on society. New measures must for example now take into account the social distancing and the re-enforcing of health and wellbeing.       That’s why CBRE PropTech is launching a challenge looking for startups that can offer solutions that […]

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The challenge of uncovering valuable data in the offline world

Knowing why a consumer decides to go to a shopping centre, how long they spend there, which stores they visit, which route they take, which services they use, and how they pay are all questions that we would definitely like to be able to answer.   Gaining an in-depth profile of consumers is invaluable to […]

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Proptech killed the Real Estate star (7 reasons)

Real Estate is like the blood that circulates through the body. Currently the heart is stopped and must be revived. Only PropTech (Real Estate Technology) can quickly revive it. Time has always been important, now it’s vital.   Real Estate change is not soon. It’s now.     Traditional “Push” strategy is now in the […]

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Co-living: a crisis proof model

Nobody could have imagined that our world would be turned upside-down in the way we’ve seen in recent weeks. It’s hard to predict when a pandemic will hit. That’s why businesses and organisations the world over are now focused on trying to work out exactly how these circumstances will affect them going forward.   In […]

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Digitalisation and property valuations

We don’t have to look back too far to recall the biggest milestones in the history of digitalisation – starting with the arrival of the first personal computers in our offices, which posed a major challenge for those of us so accustomed to pen, paper and calculator, trawling through reference books and the arduous task […]

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With the entire population under full lockdown, people can only leave their homes to travel to work and in the event of force majeure. As a result, it is no longer possible to conduct on-site property viewings, sign contracts in person, go to the notary’s office or attend meetings. That’s why it is more crucial […]

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